Constitution & By-Laws

Constitution (Draft)

Constitution & By-Laws



Article I – Name

  • Section 1. The organization shall be known as the York Ski Club, Inc., a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, chartered June 1st, 1976.

Article II – Objectives

  • Section 1. The objectives of the club shall be:
    1. To encourage and promote participation in snow sports and create a general feeling of enthusiasm for and knowledge of snow sports
    2. To educate and instruct its members about snow sports.
    3. To organize and conduct snow sports excursions for its members.
    4. To organize and conduct other activities for its members.
    5. To cooperate with regional, national and international snow sports organizations.

Article III – Membership

  • Section 1. Membership in this club is open to those persons interested in snow sports and other club sponsored activities.
  • Section 2. Every applicant for membership shall complete the required application for membership form provided by the membership chairman and submit with the application all fees and dues currently prescribed by the By-Laws.
  • Section 3. The application must also satisfy requirements as set forth in the By-Laws.

Article IV – Government

  • Section 1. The club shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the following elected officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, immediate Past President and three(3) additional elected members.
  • Section 2. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern procedure at all meetings except as otherwise provided in the By-Laws.

Article V – Meetings

  • Section 1. The following regular meetings shall be held as specified in the By-Laws.
    1. Membership Meetings
    2. Board Meetings

Article VI – Amendments

  • Section 1. Any proposed amendment to this constitution must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for presentation and reading at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.
  • Section 2. The membership must be notified in writing prior to the next regular meeting that a proposed amendment will be voted on at that meeting.
  • Section 3. Such amendment shall be read and voted on at the next regularly scheduled meeting and shall be approved by an affirmative vote of the majority of the senior members in good standing present at the meeting, providing a quorum is present.

Article VII – By-Laws

  • Section 1. By-Laws consistent with this constitution shall be established.
  • Section 2. The provisions of any section of the By-Laws may be suspended for a single meeting by a majority vote of the senior members present at the meeting, providing a quorum is present.


Article I – Membership

  • Section 1. The classification of members within the club shall be as follows:
    1. Senior – Those members in good standing who have been accepted for membership by the Board of Directors and are at least 18 years of age.
    2. Associate – Those members in good standing who have been accepted for membership by the Board of Directors and are 17 and under.
  • Section 2. Dues Annual dues are to be established by the Board of Directors as necessary to carry out club activities. The rate is to be established by a majority vote of the Board.
  • Section 3. The membership year will be from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.
    1. Applicants who become members after May 1st of the current year shall have their membership extended to the end of the following membership year.


Article I – Membership

  • Section 4. Admission, Suspension, and Reinstatement.
    1. Acceptance for membership shall be upon presentation of the application by the Membership Chairman for review by the Board of Directors.
    2. The Board of Directors shall also have the power to censure or suspend members for such causes as it may deem advisable by an unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, providing a quorum is present.
    3. The Board of Directors shall also have the power to expel any member for such causes as it may deem necessary for the common good of the club.
    4. Any member subject to censure or suspension shall have the right to appear in his own behalf before the Board of Directors.
    5. The Board of Directors shall have the power to reinstate any suspended or expelled member.
  • Section 5. Rights and Privileges of Members.
    1. Senior members in good standing shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership in the Club.
    2. Associate members in good standing shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership in the club excluding: the right to vote, the right to hold office, and the right to share in the distribution of Club property in the event of dissolution of the Club.
  • Section 6. The Board of Directors may regulate participation of Associate members in such Club sponsored activities as may be deemed incompatible with their ability, experience or legal responsibility.

Article II – Meetings

  • Section 1. General membership meetings of the Club shall normally be held the 3rd week of each month as deemed necessary.
  • Section 2. The Board of Directors shall meet once each month or at the call of the President or any three members thereof.
  • Section 3. Any meeting dates other than those provided for in Article II, Section 1 deemed necessary by the Board of Directors will be announced 30 days prior to that date by a written notice to the membership.

Article III – Election Procedures

  • Section 1. A Nominating Committee three(3) Senior members, including not more than one (1) member of the Board of Directors shall be appointed at the December meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Section 2. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall be designated by the Board of Directors.
  • Section 3. The Nominating Committee shall select at least one(1) nominee for each elected office. These nominations shall be announced at the regular membership meeting in January. The nominations shall also be reported.

Article III – Election Procedures

  • Section 4. Elections shall be conducted once a year at the membership meeting in February. At the election meeting, the President shall read the nominations and then proceed to conduct the annual election. A majority of votes cast shall be required to elect. In the event no nominee receives a majority on the first ballot, the Single Transferable Vote System shall be used to determine the person elected. Absentee ballots and proxy votes are not permitted.
  • Section 5. Nothing in this Article shall be construed as precluding nominations from the floor. These nominations may be made for each office at the regular membership meeting in February
  • Section 6. All officers shall assume the responsibilities of the respective office by the May board meeting.

Article IV – Officers

  • Section 1. All officers shall hold office for the administrative year of May 1st to April 30th, or until their successors are duly elected or appointed as provided by these By Laws. In the event of any office becoming vacant for any reason whatsoever, the vacancy shall be filled forthwith by the Board of Directors.
  • Section 2. Officers
    1. The President shall serve as the executive officer of the Club, preside at all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors, be an ex-officio member of all committees, call special meetings, exercise general supervision over affairs of the Club and perform such other duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon a President.
    1. The Vice President shall:
    1. Act for the President in his absence
    2. Serve as coordinator and shall supervise activities of the membership.


    1. The Treasurer shall be bonded and shall serve as the financial officer of the Club and will be responsible for the receipt, deposit and disbursement of all Club monies, as well as the maintenance of all financial records in the form and manner prescribed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall submit a tentative budget covering the current fiscal year at the call of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall be responsible for having the Club financial records complete for audit as of June 30th. The audit shall be conducted by a committee appointed by the Board. of Directors. The treasurer is authorized to make disbursements from the operating accounts for any expense up to $150. Any single expense in excess of $150 must be approved by the Board of Directors.


Article IV – Officers

    1. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all regular membership meetings and Board of Director meetings in the manner and form prescribed by the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall inform the President of any necessary business which must be attended to at ensuing meetings and shall maintain all records of the Board and Committees of the President as well as the inventory of Club-owned equipment. The Secretary shall conduct such correspondence as may be required by the Board of Directors and shall maintain files of said correspondence. The Secretary shall notify each board member in writing of upcoming board meetings.


    1. In addition to the duties defined above, each officer shall be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of any records deemed necessary for that office, financial and general, in the form, manner and frequency prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Article V – Resignation & Suspension of Officers

  • Section 1. Resignation shall be tendered in writing to the Secretary. It shall be read and acted upon at the next Board of Directors Meeting.
  • Section 2. Any officer or director shall be subject to removal from office at any time, if his work is deemed to be unsatisfactory, or if he works in any way against or loses interest in the Club. Such a charge shall be read and discussed at a meeting of the Board of Directors. If it be established that an officer be removed, the charge shall be presented in the form of a motion and receiving a second shall lie over until the next Board of Directors meeting where it shall be discussed and voted. Dismissal from office shall require a majority vote by the Board of Directors in attendance, providing a quorum is present. The officer or director subject to the charge shall not be eligible to vote.

Article VI – Property

  • Section 1. Each Club Officer, upon assuming office shall accept and be responsible for any property physically received from his predecessor. This property must be accompanied by an inventory from the out-going officer with copies thereof embodies in the minute book. Discrepancies between physical and book inventory are to be brought to the attention to the Board of Directors.
  • Section 2. Ownership of all assets is, and shall remain, vested in the corporation and shall not inure to the benefit of any member or other individual.

Article VII – Directors

  • Section 1. There shall be a Board of Directors which shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate Past President and three(3) elected members at large. In the event of a vacancy for any reason whatsoever, such vacancy shall be filled by action of the Board of Directors, providing a quorum is present.
  • Section 2. The Board of Directors shall control and manage the Club’s activities, determine all policies, review all membership applications, discipline members, and generally supervise all affairs of the Club with the following limitations:
    1. With the exception of any self-supporting function, any single expenditure from the general operating account in excess of $500 must have prior approval by the Board. The membership will be notified of such expenditures by the Board.
    2. Revenue from sources other than annual dues and membership fees may be raised or accumulated as determined by the Board, except that they shall not have the right to levy assessments.
  • Section 3. The April Board of Directors’ Meeting shall be attended jointly by the present Board of Directors and the newly elected Board of Directors.

Article VIII – Committees

  • Section 1. The Board of Directors shall determine the number and purpose of all committees deemed necessary to the achievement of the objectives and purposes of this Club. Chairman of these committees shall be appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Article IX – Quorum

  • Section 1. A quorum at a membership meeting shall consist of at least 25% of the voting members in addition to at least four(4)members of the Board of Directors.
  • Section 2. A quorum at a Board of Directors meeting shall consist of’ at least four(4) members of the Board of Directors.

Article X – Compensation

  • Section 1. Any member may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in behalf of the Club upon approval of the Board of Directors, provided that no member shall receive compensation beyond expenses for any service or act rendered in behalf of the Club. All expenses shall be submitted and verified to the Board in writing.

Article XI – Activity Policy

  • Section 1. Duties of activity leaders
    1. All activity leaders must be willing to devote sufficient time and energies to their activity.
    2. Tentative activity and budget financial figures must be presented to the Board for approval one month prior to the date on which deposits are due.
    3. All monies and/or expense vouchers must be filed with the Treasurer within two (2) weeks of receipt.
    4. Unless granted an extension by the Board, a final activity and financial statement is to be presented to the Board within four(4) weeks of the end of the activity
  • Section 2. Deposits
    1. All persons on activities requiring deposits must be members of the Club.
    2. Only deposits received will reserve a space for an activity.
    3. The deposit must cover all fixed nonrefundable cost of the activity.
    4. Deposits for activities shall come from the particular activity fund and not from the general treasury whenever possible. Deposits shall be due prior to the date upon which an activity deposit submitted by the Club could be lost through individual cancellation.
    5. The balance due from individuals on all activities shall be paid before the particular activity balance is due or one (1) month prior to the activity date, whichever comes first.
  • Section 3. Individual Cancellations
    1. If the activity has all vacancies filled at the time of the event, then all those who may have cancelled will have full refunds made to them. If there are vacancies on the trip, refunds will made only for that portion of the deposit not required to cover fixed non-refundable expenses incurred by that vacancy. if a vacancy is filled after cancellation, that new reservation is assumed to fill the vacancy caused by the first person to cancel. A second reservation will fill the second cancellation, etc. This filling of vacancies for cancellations can occur only if the total of people on the trip plus all cancellations exceeds the total capacity of the trip.
  • Section 4. General
    1. Any profit in excess of $20 per individual on an activity shall be refunded to those individuals or shall be used for their benefit.
    2. An activity can be cancelled by the Club only upon the recommendation of a majority vote of the Board.
    3. All associate members must be sponsored and accompanied by an adult member on an activity.

Article XII – Dissolution

  • Section 1. The Club may be dissolved by appropriate court proceedings taken, upon affirmative vote of 3/4 of all voting members.
  • Section 2. Upon dissolution, the property of the Club both real and personal after payment of all debts, shall be distributed according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

(Draft end)